Sir Henry Brooke Parnell

Parnell, Sir Henry Brooke, Bart.. Lord Congleton, son of preceding, was born 3rd July 1776, and succeeded to the baronetcy in 1812. He took a prominent part in Parliament, and was for some time Minister at War; but is chiefly remembered for his writings on financial and trade questions, his Historical Apology for the Irish Catholics, and his History of the Penal Laws. His political creed in 1835 is thus stated: "Perfect freedom of labour and capital; the speedy abolition of the corn laws, and in the meantime a moderate fixed duty; the removal of all unequal taxes, and the substitution of a property tax of six or eight millions; the repeal of the Septennial Act, the ballot, an extension of the franchise, if found necessary; abolition of flogging and of impressment." He was a respectable but by no means a superior speaker. He is described as "of the middle size, rather inclining to stoutness. His complexion is fair; his features are regular with a mild expression about them; and his hair is pure white." Sir Henry was created Lord Congleton, 11th August 1841. He died by his own hand, when in a state of delirium resulting from illness, 8th June 1842, aged 65, and was buried at St. George's, Hanover-square, London.


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