Saint Moling

Moling, or Dairchilla, Saint, one of the first Bishops of Ferns, who succeeded in 632, was born in the County of Wexford. He was Abbot of Techmolin, (now called after him St. Mullin's), a monastery founded by himself on the banks of the Barrow; he also spent many years at Glendalough. In 693 he induced Finachta, Monarch of Ireland, to remit the Borromean tribute. He died about 697, and was buried at Techmolin: the 17th June is considered his festival. A note appended by Harris to the notice of this saint is very widely applicable: "I must again warn the reader, that antient writers have often confounded the names of abbots and bishops, and that they are frequently taken for synonymous terms."


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