Saint Kilian

Celeclerech or Kilian, Saint, Bishop and martyr, Apostle of Franconia, flourished in the latter part of the 7th century. He was of an illustrious Irish family, and entered the monastic state early in life. Travelling abroad, he reached Rome in 686 or 687 and was well received by the Pope, who commissioned him to labour at Wurtzburg. There he established himself with two friends, Coloman and Totnan. Amongst others they converted the Duke Gozbert. Celeclerech counselled him to abandon his wife Geilana, because she had been the wife of a deceased brother. The Duke departing on a warlike expedition, Geilana procured the assassination of Celeclerech and his friends. Lanigan proceeds: "Geilana was seized with an evil spirit, which tormented her so much that she died soon after. The remains of the holy martyrs were found in 752 by St. Burchard, Bishop of Wurtzburg, and removed by him to a great church which he had erected in that city." His festival is the 8th of July. Murray tells us that the present 11 th century Cathedral of Wurtzburg occupies the site of the original building erected upon the spot where St. Celeclerech was martyred.


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