Robert Bell

Bell, Robert, a prolific writer, was born in Cork in 1800, and was educated at Trinity College. In Dublin he wrote for magazines and newspapers, composed a couple of plays, and assisted in resuscitating the College Historical Society. Removing to London, he met with ready employment as a journalist, having a fluent pen and genial manners. "For more than thirty years, Mr. Bell continued to lead the life of a busy literary man, contributing to various periodicals, sometimes editing one, and diversifying his journalistic labours by writing a history or biography, a play or a novel. . . None of his writings are likely to have more than an ephemeral existence, but they are favourable specimens of their class, and creditable to their author." Perhaps his best known works are his continuation of Southey's Lives of the British Admirals, and his Annotated Edition of the English Poets, in 29 volumes. He died 12th April 1867.


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