Richard De Burgh, 2nd Earl of Clanricard

De Burgh, Richard, 2nd Earl of Clanricard, succeeded upon his father's death in 1544. He was known amongst the native Irish as "Sassanagh." In 1548 he captured Cormac Roe O'Conor, of Offaly, and sent him to Dublin, where he was executed. He was constantly engaged in harassing and bloody feuds with other branches of the De Burghs. In 1553, with Sir Richard Bingham, he routed the Scots on the Moy. He was thrice married: (1) to Margaret, daughter of Murrough, 1st Earl of Thomond; (2) Catherine, daughter of Donough, 2nd Earl of Thomond; (3) Honora, daughter of O'Brien of Duharras. He died 24th July 1582 and was succeeded by his son, who does not require special notice.


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