Richard Chenevix

Chenevix, Richard, a philosopher and chemist, was born in Ireland in 1774. Like many other celebrated Irishmen, he was descended from Huguenot ancestors. He distinguished himself in science and literature, notably by his chemical researches. A Fellow of the Royal Society and member of the Royal Irish Academy, he contributed numerous papers to the proceedings of these and other societies, in addition to distinct publications. Besides scientific works, he wrote The Mantuan Rivals, a comedy, and Henry VII., a tragedy. One of his best works, An Essay upon Natural Character, appeared after his death. The Edinburgh Review speaks of his Henry VII. as "the boldest, the most elaborate, and upon the whole the most successful imitation of the general style, taste, and diction of our older dramatists that has appeared in the present times." He died in Paris, 5th April 1830, aged about 56.


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