Rev. Adam Averell

Averell, Adam, Rev., a distinguished Primitive Wesleyan Methodist minister, was born at Mullan, County of Tyrone, 7th May 1754. His father was a landed proprietor. He early studied for the ministry of the Established Church, was appointed to a curacy, and then married. Becoming acquainted with Wesley, he resigned his preferment, so as to be free to extend his religious ministrations wherever he felt called. About 1797, after having being married about seven years, his wife separated from him, apparently from religious incompatibility. He made her an ample allowance, relinquished the personal care of his property, and unreservedly devoted himself to preaching in different parts of the country. His journal, which proves him to have been a man of exceeding earnestness and great piety, is full of interesting particulars concerning the condition of Ireland in his day. He was a profound believer in special providences. For nearly thirty years he was president of the Primitive Wesleyan Conference. Mr. Averell died at Mount Salem, near Clones, 16th January 1847, at the advanced age of 92.


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