Patrick Browne

Browne, Patrick, M.D., was born at Woodstock, County of Mayo, in 1720. For 40 several years he resided with a relative in Antigua; but ill-health compelled his return to Europe. He studied and took his degree of M.D. at Leyden, where he formed an intimacy with Linnaeus and other eminent naturalists. After practising two years in London, he returned to the West Indies, and made collections of the fauna and flora of the islands. In 1755 he published in London a map of Jamaica. Next year he brought out his Civil and Natural History of Jamaica, Altogether he made six visits to the West Indies. The latter part of his life was spent in Mayo. In 1774 his catalogues of the birds and fishes of Ireland appeared in Exshaw's Magazine; and in 1788 appeared in Latin, English, and Irish, a short Fasciculus Plantarum Hiberniae. He died at Rushbrook, County of Mayo, 29th August 1790, aged about 70, and was buried at Crossboyne.


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