Niall More O'Neill

O'Neill, Niall More, Lord of Tyrone, is mentioned in the Four Masters as leading expeditions against the Anglo-Irish districts in 1374, 1375, 1383, 1384, and 1392. In 1368 he was discomfited by Brian MacMahon in an attack on Oriel — a defeat avenged in 1370. In 1380, with many other chieftains, he paid homage to Edmund Mortimer, Lord-Lieutenant. Under 1387 it is mentioned that he built a house near Armagh (Eamhain Macha, now Navan fort), where he entertained the bards and learned men of Ireland. He died in 1397. A string of high-sounding titles (such as "Destroyer of the English," "Uniter of the Irish," "Exalter of the Church"), is appended to his name by the annalists.


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