Maurice Kinrechtin

Kinrechtin, Maurice, Rev., was born in Kilmallock in the 16th century, entered the priesthood, was appointed chaplain to Gerald, Earl of Desmond, and continued true to his cause through the succeeding years. Falling into the hands of the English soldiery, he was thrown into prison at Clonmel, where he was confined in chains for more than a year. His jailer was bribed by a wealthy Catholic to let the father out to celebrate Easter, 1585. The English commander, however, caused the house where mass was being secretly celebrated to be surrounded, and Father Kinrechtin was taken prisoner. He was executed 30th April, in the same year.— "When he came to the place of execution, turning to the people, he exhorted, as far as time would permit, and at the end, begging all Catholics to pray for him, and blessing them, he was hung from the gallows, and, being taken down half dead, his head was cut off, and his body cut into four parts; and these were watched all night by the soldiers, lest they should be taken away by the Catholics. The next day the four pieces were fastened on a cross in the middle of the town, and the head on a high place where it could be seen by all, and so he completed his glorious martyrdom."


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