Julia Kavanagh

Kavanagh, Julia, authoress, was born at Thurles, in 1824. Her parents early removed to Paris, where she gained that minute insight into French life displayed in her works. In 1844 she went to London, and embraced literature as a profession. Her first work, The Three Paths, a tale for children, was published in 1847; and in 1850, Woman in France during the Eighteenth Century, perhaps her best known book, appeared. She travelled through France, Germany, and Switzerland, and works of travel, fiction, and general literature, flowed from her pen almost yearly. She was subject to agonizing attacks of neuralgia the latter years of her life, and died somewhat suddenly, at Nice, 28th October 1877, aged about 53. A correspondent of the Athenaeum wrote: "Her pictures are faithful and accurate. Her writing was quiet and simple in style, but pure and chaste, and characterized by the same high-toned thought and morality that was part of the author's own nature. Her short stories are beautiful and touching pastorals... In her Englishwomen of Letters and Frenchwomen of Letters, Miss Kavanagh showed discriminating and analytical powers far beyond anything she has attempted in her simple and touching novels." Natalie is mentioned as one of the best of her works of fiction.


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