John Rocque

Rocque, John, a French artist, who flourished in the 18th century. He engraved a series of maps and views in different parts of the world; and in 1754 came to Ireland, and dating from "his lodgings at the Golden Heart, opposite Crane-lane, Dame-street, Dublin, 5th September," issued a prospectus for maps of Dublin. His "Plan of the Camp at Thurles" is dated 1755; "City of Kilkenny," 1758; "County of Kilkenny," 1758; "City of Cork," 1759; and "County of Armagh," four sheets, 1760. He also published without dates, a Map of the City of Dublin, and Six Views in the city. Maps by Rocque, of the "City of Dublin," and "Dublin and Environs," each in four sheets, with additions by Bernard Scale, were published in 1773. These maps are peculiarly interesting on account of the engravings of buildings, vessels, and other objects with which many of them are embellished. No particulars of the life of John Rocque are attainable.


297. Rocque's Maps, Collection of, in Library of Trinity College, Dublin.