John Newland Maffit

Maffit, John Newland, an eloquent Methodist preacher, was born in Dublin, 28th December 1794. He early joined the ministry of the Methodist Church, and displayed great oratorical powers. He removed to the United States in 1819, and preached, lectured, and delivered addresses in various parts of the Union — his labours as a preacher in the west and south being attended with great success. He was chaplain to Congress in 1841. Mr. Maffit was the author of Tears of Contrition (1821), Poems (Louisville, 1839), and an autobiography. He died at Mobile, Alabama, 28th May 1850, aged 55. His son, John Newland Maffit, was a commodore in the Confederate navy, and in the Florida did great damage to United States shipping.


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