John Moore Neligan

Neligan, John Moore, M.D., a distinguished physician, was born in 1815 at Clonmel. At an early age he lost his father, who was a medical practitioner. When but twenty-one years of age he took his medical degree, practised for a short time in Clonmel and Cork, and in 1840 removed to Dublin, where he soon took a foremost place in the profession, both as a teacher and practitioner. Dr. Neligan's great book, Medicines, their Uses and Modes of Administration, which has gone through many editions, and is still a standard work, was first published in 1843. In 1848 he edited a second edition of his friend Dr. Graves's Clinical Lectures. He edited the Dublin Quarterly Journal of Medical Science from 1849 to 1861, contributing to its pages numerous important papers. Dr. Neligan specially devoted himself to cutaneous diseases, and in 1852 published a work on Diseases of the Skin, which established him in the position he had been rapidly attaining as the leading consulting physician in Ireland on those affections. He was a member of the principal medical bodies in Dublin, and an honorary member of at least two on the Continent. Dr. Neligan died 24th July 1863, aged 48. "Of a commanding appearance, highly favoured by nature in mind and person, his industry was untiring... In him society has lost a skilful physician — medicine, an able exponent — the profession, a dauntless upholder of its rights and dignity."


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