John Dunlap

Dunlap, John, an American Revolutionary patriot, was born at Strabane, 1747. At the age of eight or nine he went to live with his uncle William, a printer and publisher of Philadelphia.

When but eighteen he took sole charge of his uncle’s business, and in November 1771 commenced the Pennsylvania Packet, and before long became one of the most successful printers and editors of the country.

During the British occupation of Philadelphia he brought out his paper at Lancaster.

From 1784 it became a daily paper—the first in the United States: it now bears the title of the North American and United States Gazette.

As printer to Congress, he first issued the “Declaration of Independence,” and he was an officer in Washington’s body-guard at Trenton and Princeton.

He proved his earnestness in the cause of independence by subscribing, £4,000 to supply provisions for the army.

He acquired a large fortune by his talents and industry, and died in Philadelphia, 27th November 1812, aged about 65.


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