John C. Douglas

Douglas, John C., M.D., a distinguished obstetrician, was born at Lurgan, 14th June 1778. Having passed through the College of Surgeons in 1800, he acted for a time as surgeon to a militia regiment, in 1803 took the degree of M.D. at St. Andrew's, and in 1808 commenced practice in Dublin, where he soon attained a prominent position. The Journal of Medical Science declares that his published treatises "along with Dr. Clarke's reports and papers, laid the foundation of the high repute of Dublin as a school of midwifery." He received important foreign acknowledgments of his worth, was for a time President of the King and Queen's College of Physicians in Ireland, and in 1832 was elected an honorary fellow. He died of apoplexy, 20th November 1850, aged 72.


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