John Berkenshaw

Berkenshaw, John, an Irish musician; he resided in Dublin, in the family of the Earl of Kildare, until the War of 1641-'52 drove him to England. He lived in London after the Restoration, published works on the study of music, taught the violin, and gave singing lessons. "Burney represents him as a charlatan, who was far indeed from possessing the musical qualifications he laid claim to."[250] The dates of his birth and decease are unknown. Under date 24th February 1661-'2, Pepys mentions him: "Long with Mr. Berkenshaw in the morning at my musique practice, finishing my song of 'Gaze not on Swans,' in two parts, which pleases me well; and did give him £5 for this month or five weeks, that he hath taught me; which is a great deal of money, and troubled me to part with it."


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