James Seaton Reid

Reid, James Seaton, D.D., a Presbyterian clergyman, was born at Lurgan in 1798. He ministered to congregations at Donegore and Carrickfergus from 1818 to 1837. For the next four years he was Professor of Ecclesiastical History in the Belfast Institute, and from 1841 to 1851 Professor of Ecclesiastical and Civil History in the University of Glasgow. He died near Edinburgh, 2nd April 1851, aged 52. He was the author of a History of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, published in 1834, afterwards continued to the year 1853 by Dr. Killen. For particulars of the controversy between Dr. Reid and Dr. Elrington regarding conflicting statements in the History and Dr. Elrington's Life of Ussher, see Notes and Queries, 3rd Series.


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