James Johnson

Johnson, James, M.D., a distinguished physician, was born at Ballinderry, County of Cork, in 1777. Having taken out his degree, he entered the navy, served on the Walcheren expedition, in 1812 was appointed surgeon to the North Sea fleet, in 1814 surgeon to the Duke of Clarence, and, upon the Duke's accession to the throne, Surgeon-extraordinary to his Majesty. He enjoyed a large practice in London, being especially consulted by persons whose health had suffered from residence in hot climates. Besides editing the Medico-Chirurgical Review, his treatises on Influence of Tropical Climates, Economy of Health, and Indigestion have enjoyed considerable reputation. He died at Brighton 9th October 1845. The Annual Register, in recording his death, remarks: "The doctor was a lively as well as philosophical writer, and his books of travels are an amusing melange of gossiping anecdote, shrewd observation, and professional dissertation."


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