James FitzGerald, 20th Earl of Kildare

FitzGerald, James, 20th Earl of Kildare, and 1st Duke of Leinster, son of preceding, was born 29th May 1722. He laid the foundations of Leinster House, Dublin, saying, when told that it was in an unfashionable part of the town, "They will follow me wherever I go." In consequence of a spirited remonstrance to the King relative to the disposition of the large unappropriated surplus of Irish revenue, he became one of the most popular men in Ireland — a medal being struck in his honour. He was created a Marquis in 1761, and Duke of Leinster in 1766. He died in Leinster House, 19th November 1773, aged 51, and was buried in Christ Church. In 1746 he married Lady Emily Mary Lennox, daughter of the Duke of Richmond, sister of Lady Holland, Lady Louisa Conolly, and Lady Sarah Napier. They had nine sons and ten daughters. She survived the Duke many years, and married William Ogilvy, by whom she had two daughters. She died 27th March 1814.


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