James Butler 2nd Earl of Ormond

Butler, James, 2nd Earl of Ormond, was born at Kilkenny, 4th October 1331, and was consequently but six years of age at his father's decease. He was given in ward to the Earl of Desmond, and afterwards to Sir John d'Arcy, whose daughter he married during his minority. He is often spoken of as the "Noble Earl." Edward III., his cousin, granted him an annuity of about £40, besides some additional estates. In 1359 he was Lord-Justice, with a salary of £500. He attended Lionel, Duke of Clarence in his Irish wars, and was for a time, during the Duke's absence in England, Lord-Deputy. In 1362 he defeated MacMurrough in the County of Kildare, and slew 600 of his men. In 1372 he was created Constable of Dublin Castle. In 1378 he surrendered the sword of Lord-Justice to Alexander Balscot, Bishop of Ossory. The Earl died at Knocktopher, 18th October 1382, aged 51, and was buried in St. Canice's, Kilkenny.


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