James Butler 1st Earl of Ormond

Butler, James, 1st Earl of Ormond, was a minor at his father's death. He married Eleanor de Bohun, grand-daughter of Edward I., was created Earl of Ormond, and had a grant made him of the annual rent of the City of Waterford. This marriage ultimately procured him still more considerable advantages — particularly the grant of the "Regalities and Liberties of Tipperary," and the rights of a palatine in that county. As soon as he was of age (about 1327) he engaged on the side of his cousin, the Earl of Kildare, in his wars with the De Burghs and Le Poers. In 1329 and 1330 he was at war with the O'Nolans and MacGeoghegans. He founded, in 1336, the Friary of Little Carrick, in the County of Waterford, and dying, 6th January 1337-'8, was buried at Gowran.


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