Hugh O'Reilly

O'Reilly, Hugh, a barrister, born in the County of Cavan, was Master in Chancery, and Clerk of the Council under James II. in Ireland, and after his removal with that king to France, in 1690, received the honorary appointment of Lord-Chancellor of Ireland. About 1693 he published Ireland's Case briefly Stated; or a Summary Account of the most Remarkable Transactions of the Kingdom since the Reformation. Harris's Ware says: "The author represents matters wholly in the favour of the Irish, and falls foul on King Charles II., whom he severely condemns for his ingratitude to the Roman Catholics of Ireland, who had faithfully served him. Nor does he excuse his master, King James, who was so offended at his free treatment of him, that he took away his small salary, and turned him out of his titular office, the loss of which lay so heavy upon his spirits that he died soon after, about the year 1694. It is said King James restored him to his pension a short time before his death."


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