Henry Tresham

Tresham, Henry, R.A., an eminent painter, was born in High-street, Dublin, about the middle of the 18th century. He studied in his native city under the elder West, and spent fourteen years in Italy. On his return he finished several paintings (including a large one of "Adam and Eve," which became the property of Lord Powerscourt), and executed designs for Boydell's Shakespere Gallery. He was admitted to the academies of Rome, Bologna, and London. His acquaintance with the history of the fine arts was extensive; but the high authority claimed for him in his day as an art critic has been since discredited. He was the author of Rome at the Close of the Eighteenth Century, published in 1799, and some slight poetical effusions. He is said to have had much facility of composition, but his oil paintings are deficient in richness of colouring and spirit of execution. Mr. Tresham was a better designer than painter. He died 17th June 1814.


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