Henry O'Neill

O'Neill, Henry, Lord of Tyrone, son of preceding, flourished in the 15th century. His wars and exploits are often referred to in the Four Masters. In 1431 he was taken prisoner by Naghtan O'Donnell; but he was soon liberated, and they became for a time fast friends. In 1442 his father and he joined the Anglo-Irish, and led an army against the same Naghtan, forcing him to surrender Castlefin and the surrounding territory. For some cause, his father was banished in 1455, and he was inaugurated as The O'Neill at Tullaghoge, in presence of the Archbishop of Armagh, the Maguires, MacMahons, and his own kinsmen. Two years afterwards he led a successful expedition against the O'Donnells. In 1464 the King sent him a present of a chain of gold, and a piece of scarlet cloth. Henry O'Neill died in 1489.


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