George Gregory

Gregory, George, D.D., a divine and man of science, son of a Wexford clergyman, was born 14th April 1754. When he was but twelve years old his father died, and his mother removed to Liverpool. He studied in Edinburgh, and in 1776 was appointed to a curacy in Liverpool, where he became a fearless opponent of the slave-trade. He afterwards enjoyed ecclesiastical preferments in the south of England; and in 1804, by the interest of Mr. Addington, was presented to the valuable living of West Ham, in Essex, in consequence of political support afforded by him in the pages of the New Annual Register, of which he was editor. He was a voluminous writer. Ryan says "his works display a minute and profound acquaintance with the arts and sciences, commerce, manufactures, and political institutions." He was the author of a Life of Chatterton, and was an active and zealous member of the Royal Humane Society. Dr. Gregory died, after a short illness, 12th March 1808, aged 53, and was buried at West Ham.


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