George Faulkner

Faulkner, George, a well-known publisher, was born in Dublin 1699. He settled in Dublin as a printer and publisher soon after 1726, and there made a fortune by his Journal and other publications. He was satirized by Foote, in the character of "Peter Paragraph," and commenced a suit against him, which was dropped on the interference of Lord Townshend. He was well known as Swift's printer, and as having undergone imprisonment on account of the Dean's publications. For the rest, he was an alderman, vain and fussy, though not devoid of taste, who gave brilliant entertainments to literary men and persons of rank. His name is mentioned in many anecdotes relating to Swift. Some of his work is creditable to the character of Dublin printing of the time. He died 30th August 1775, aged about 76. The bust of the Dean, intended for a niche in front of Faulkner's house in Parliament-street, was by his nephew presented to St. Patrick's Cathedral, where it is now placed over the Dean's tomb. In Notes and Queries, 2nd Series, will be found an interesting discussion relative to Faulkner's editions of Swift's works.


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