Frederick E. Jones

Jones, Frederick E., a well-known theatrical manager, was born at Vesingstown, in the County of Meath, about 1759. Several of his early years were spent on the Continent; in 1794 he was permitted by patent to conduct subscription theatricals in Dublin; and in 1795 the Earl of Westmoreland nominated him to raise a fencible regiment. In 1796 he purchased Mr. Daly's interest in Crow-street Theatre, which he beautified and conducted with considerable success for many years, notwithstanding the political disturbances of the time, and the occasional outrageous conduct of Dublin audiences. Full particulars of his management will be found in Gilbert's History of Dublin. He was considered one of the handsomest men of his time, and was popularly known as "Buck Jones." His name is preserved in Jones's-road, Dublin, which led to his mansion of Clonliffe House. He died in 1834.


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