Edmund O'Meara

O'Meara, Edmund, a leading physician in the 17th century, son of preceding, was also born in the County of Tipperary. He studied at Oxford, practised both in England and Ireland, was a member of the College of Physicians in London, and lived for some time in Bristol. He was the author of Examen Diatribae Thomae Willisii,.. cui accesserunt Historiae, aliquot Medicae Rariores (London, 1665, and Amsterdam, 1667), dedicated to Sir Kenelm Digby, with some Latin verses prefixed, from the pen of his son William O'Meara, also a physician. Edmund O'Meara died about the year 1680. Besides William, he had two other sons — one a Jesuit; the other a major, who fell in James II.'s service in the War of 1689-'91.


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