Edmond Henry Pery

Pery, Edmond Henry, Earl of Limerick, nephew of preceding (son of the Bishop of Limerick, Lord Glentworth), was born 8th January 1758. He studied at Trinity College, made the tour of Europe, and was elected member for Limerick. He succeeded to the title of Baron on the death of his father in 1794. For his adherence to the Government he was in 1795 made Keeper of the Signet, and in 1797 Clerk of the Crown and Hanaper. In 1798 he raised a regiment of dragoons at his own expense, to assist in the suppression of the Insurrection. Having voted for the Union, he was made a viscount in 1800, and three years afterwards Earl of Limerick. He died 7th December 1845, aged 87, at his seat in Berkshire, and was buried in Limerick Cathedral. Barrington speaks of him as "always crafty, sometimes imperious, and frequently efficient. He was prouder than he had a right to be, and bore no similitude to his illustrious uncle; but he was a convivial companion, and a steady friend. He had a sharp, quick, active intellect; he generally guessed right in his politics."


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