David FitzJames De Barry

De Barry, David FitzJames, Viscount Buttevant, a descendant of the same family as the two preceding, was born the middle of the 16th century. He was one of the lords of Sir John Perrot's parliament in 1585; but afterwards took an active part with the Earl of Desmond. Eventually he gave in his submission to Lord Grey, and acknowledged a debt of £500 to the Crown — a claim which was afterwards granted to Florence MacCarthy, and created much correspondence and bickering. In 1601 he was made a general by Sir George Carew, after the siege of Kinsale saw considerable service in Munster, and was granted large estates in Desmond, forfeited by the MacCarthys. In 1615 he was appointed one of the Council for Munster. He died at Barryscourt, near Cork, 10th April 1617.


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