Cornelius Nary

Nary, Cornelius, Rev., was born in the County of Kildare in 1660, and received his education at Naas. At twenty-four years of age he was ordained at Kilkenny, and shortly afterwards removed to Paris. He studied at the Irish College, of which he subsequently became Provisor, and in 1694 took the degree of LL.D. at Cambray. After acting for a time as tutor to the Earl of Antrim, he returned to Ireland, and was appointed parish priest of St.Michan's, in Dublin, where he continued until his death on the 3rd March 1738, aged about 78. Harris styles him "a man of learning and of a good character." He was the author of The Chief Points in Controversy between the Catholics and the Protestants (Antwerp, 1699); The New Testament Translated into English from the Latin (Lond. 1705); and some thirteen other works enumerated by Harris.


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