Charles Haliday

Haliday, Charles, a distinguished Irish antiquary, a Dublin merchant, brother of preceding, was born in 1789. He was elected one of the Royal Irish Academy in January 1847, and thenceforward was among its most active and useful members. For many years he was on the council. His paper on the ancient name of Dublin is printed in the 22nd vol. of the Transactions; that on the Danes and Danish antiquities of Ireland, read but not printed, he afterwards set himself to extend and develop. He made some important discoveries relative to the history of Dublin and the extended rule of the Danish colony of that city. He did not live to complete the work, but his manuscript was consigned to Mr. John P. Prendergast, who is now (1877) engaged in preparing it for publication. He died 14th September 1866, aged 77, and was buried in Monkstown cemetery, County of Dublin. His splendid collection of pamphlets on Irish affairs was presented by his widow to the Royal Irish Academy; and his portrait, painted by order of the Academy, adorns its walls.


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