Caesar Otway

Otway, Caesar, Rev., author, was born in the County of Tipperary, in the latter part of the 18th century. He was the author of Sketches in Ireland (1839), Tour in Connaught (1839), and Sketches in Erris (1841). They are written in a kindly and cheerful spirit, with a keen appreciation of the picturesque; and depict a condition of things now almost passed away. The publication of these works drew attention to many beautiful localities previously almost unvisited. Mr. Otway was one of the founders and original conductors of the Dublin Christian Examiner. He assisted Petrie in editing the first volume of the Dublin Penny Journal, and wrote many articles for the University Magazine. The Athenaeum says: "He was the centre of the young literature of the Irish capital, and he laboured to prevent its assuming that sectarian character in the hands of others which unfortunately was too manifest in his own." Mr. Otway died 16th March 1842, aged about 63. His portrait will be found in the University Magazine for October 1839.


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