Bishop John Stearne

Stearne, John, Bishop of Clogher, son of the preceding, was born in Dublin in 1660. He was the predecessor of Swift in the deanery of St. Patrick's; was created Bishop of Dromore in 1713, and was translated to Clogher in 1717. He expended large sums on the cathedrals and palaces of the dioceses he presided over, built the College Printing-office, Dublin, at a personal cost of £1,200, and bequeathed £30,000 for various charitable uses. Swift corresponded with him for many years on the most intimate and friendly terms; but in 1733 the Dean is said to have sent him a "letter full of bitter sarcasm and reproach, to which the Bishop returned an answer that marks a superior command of temper; but it appears.. that his lordship deserved much of what Swift imputed to him." Stearne died 6th June 1745. He left an estate for charitable purposes, which now produces £2,000 a year, and is administered by a body of trustees. Lawrence Sterne, the author, is said by some to have been descended from him.


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