Bartholomew Lloyd

Lloyd, Bartholomew, D.D., Provost of Trinity College, was born at New Ross 5th February 1772. He entered College as a pensioner in 1787; his talents and industry soon asserted themselves, and in 1790 he gained a scholarship. For some years he filled the office of college tutor. In 1796 he was elected Junior Fellow, and in 1813 was appointed Professor of Mathematics; in 1822 he took the chair of Natural Philosophy, and in 1831 was elevated to the provostship. Dr. Lloyd vigorously and successfully exerted himself to raise the status of Trinity College, especially in mathematics; he re-arranged the college terms, and initiated several improvements, such as the new squares to the college buildings.

The Quarterly Review (No. 78) speaks highly of his well-known Treatise on Mechanical Philosophy; while "Dr. Whewell places Lloyd among that new generation of mathematicians in whose hands it is reasonable to suppose the analytical mechanics of light will be improved as much as the analytical mechanics of the solar system was by the successors of Newton."[40] Dr. Waller writes: "The merits and learning of this distinguished man have been commemorated by many eloquent eulogies, as the most devoted, the most enlightened, and the most energetic governor the University ever possessed. Above all, the University herself has shown her sense of her deep obligations to him by instituting mathematical exhibitions which bear his name." Dr. Lloyd was President of the British Association on its first visit to Ireland in 1835. He died 24th November 1837,[146] aged about 65. His masterly treatise on Analytic Geometry held a high place as a text-book for many years.


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