Augustin MacGrady

MacGrady, Augustin, born about 1349, was a writer who continued the Annals of Tighernach, from that annalist's time to the year of his own death, nearly 300 years, thereby contributing valuable materials for Irish history. An unknown hand continued the Annals two years further, to 1407, and gives the following note concerning MacGrady's death: "Augustin MaGradaigh, a canon of the canons of the Island of the Saints [in Lough Ree, in the Shannon], a saoi [doctor] during his life, in divine and worldly wisdom, in literature, in history, and in various other sciences in like manner, and the doctor of good oratory of western Europe — the man who compiled this book, and many other books, both of the lives of the saints and of historical events — died on the Wednesday before the 1st day of November [1405], in the 56th year of his age."


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