Atharne, a reputed poet and courtier of the 1st century, who resided at Beinn Edair (Howth). He made an expedition round Ireland, demanding exorbitant "gifts" for the recital of his lays — King Eochaidh is said to have given an eye to satisfy him! On the way, he was attacked at Ath-Cliath (Dublin) by his late hosts, to recover some of their "presents." In the engagement that ensued, Conall Cearnach fought on his side. On one occasion Atharne fought and killed Mesgedra, whose wife Buana died soon after of fright at the sight of her husband's head. This was at the ford of Clane. Atharne buried them near by, preserving their brains in a lime ball — the same with which Conor MacNessa was afterwards killed.


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