Archbishop William Nicholson

Nicolson, William, Archbishop of Cashel, was born in Cumberland in 1655, was in 1702 consecrated Bishop of Derry, and in 1726 advanced to the archbishopric of Cashel, and died of apoplexy, 15th February 1727. He deserves notice as author of the Irish Historical Library, printed in Dublin in 1724, containing a valuable list of authors and records in print and manuscript on subjects relating to the history of Ireland. Cotton styles him "a zealous antiquary and a learned historian and philologist." Harris's Ware says: "He fell into many errors in this work, for want of sufficient acquaintance with the Irish manuscripts and language. But notwithstanding that, much thanks are due to him for the extraordinary pains he took to inform himself about the materials which may be had for improving Irish history." O'Curry speaks of his "valuable Irish Historical Library."


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