Archbishop Patrick Leahy

Leahy, Patrick, Archbishop of Cashel, was born near Thurles about the year 1807. Entering Maynooth, he distinguished himself; and at the end of his course was appointed Professor in St. Patrick's College at Thurles. He soon became President of that institution; and in 1850 occupied the onerous post of Secretary to the Synod of Thurles. Not long afterwards he was appointed Vice-Rector of the Catholic University. On the death of Archbishop Slattery he was in 1857 consecrated Archbishop of Cashel. One of his first acts was the enforcement of the Sunday closing of public houses; and he made strenuous endeavours to put down the barbarous practice of faction-fighting. The fine cathedral in Thurles is an enduring monument of his zeal and energy. "He had special gifts which fitted him to make a great impression as an ecclesiastical orator. Wide and varied learning, a profound mastery of theology, a comprehensive grasp of intellect, an unfailing store of language, a noble voice, an imposing presence, were all his; and to these were added the apostolical zeal and tender piety which distinguished him from youth up." He died 26th January 1875.


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