Admiral Philip Cosby

Cosby, Philip, Admiral, a distinguished naval officer, was born, probably at Stradbally, in 1730. He was one of the numerous descendants of Francis Cosby who rose to high places in government employ. He entered the navy early, and from the first saw much service. General Wolfe appointed him his marine aide-de-camp, and in this capacity he served with the General until his death at Quebec in 1759. His naval services are fully set out by Ryan in his Worthies of Ireland. In 1774 he succeeded his cousin, Baron Sidney of Leix, in the family estates. In 1788 he satisfactorily concluded a treaty with the Emperor of Morocco on behalf of Great Britain, and in 1794, as Vice-Admiral of the Red, he was present at the capture of Corsica and Toulon. In 1805 he rose to be Admiral of the Red. He died at Bath, 10th January 1808, aged about 78, and was there buried in the Abbey Church.


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