Abraham Colles

Colles, Abraham, an eminent surgeon, was born at Millmont, near Kilkenny, in 1773. He studied in Dublin, Edinburgh and London, and in 1799 was elected Resident Surgeon at Steevens' Hospital, Dublin, and in 1826, Professor of Surgery at the College of Surgeons. He was so much esteemed, that upon his resignation of the latter post, from ill health, in 1835, his portrait and bust were placed in the College. He died on 1st December 1843, aged about 70, and was buried at Mount Jerome. Shortly before his decease he declined a baronetcy. Besides minor publications, he wrote some standard works — a treatise on Surgical Anatomy, and On the Use of Mercury. Mr. Waller writes: "The leading features in Mr. Colles's character were solid judgment, manly directness, perfect probity, the soundest of understandings, and the kindest of hearts."[39] His fee-book is an interesting document, showing the rapid rise of his practice, from £8 10s. 7½ d. in 1798, to an average of between £5,000 and £6,000 per annum before many years were over.


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