Books on Irish proverbs

BAILEY, Karen. Irish Proverbs

FLANAGAN, Laurence. Irish Proverbs

O'DONNELL, James. Classic Irish Proverbs in English and Irish

O'FARRELL, Padriac. Irish Proverbs and Sayings

O'RAHILLY, Thomas. Miscellany of Irish Proverbs

Books on Scottish proverbs

HENDERSON, Andrew. Scottish Proverbs

McDONALD, Julie. Scottish Proverbs

WALKER, Colin. Scottish Proverbs

WOOD, Nicola. Scottish Proverbs

Books on Ulster-Scots

FENTON, James. The Hamely Tongue: A Personal Record of Ulster-Scots in County Antrim

ROBINSON, Philip. Ulster-Scots: A Grammar of the Traditional written and spoken Language

Ullans: The Magazine for Ulster-Scots