Ulick de Burgh, First Earl of Clanricarde

DIED A. D. 1544.

From The Irish Nation: Its History and Its Biography

By James and Freeman Wills

THIS nobleman was a distinguished person in his day. His services were, however, as well as the main incidents of his life, too local in their character to claim much room in this advanced period of our work. We notice him chiefly as the founder of the important provincial towns of Roscommon, Galway, Loughrea, Clare, &c , &c., and Leitrim; which achievement, more useful than heroic, and more permanent in result than memorable in the records of our eventful history, may show the vast extent of his territories. He was seized in fee of Clanricarde, Clare, Athenry, and Leitrim. In 1543 he surrendered and obtained a regrant of these territories from Henry VIII., who, at the same time, created him earl of Clanricarde, conferring upon him many other grants and privileges. He died in the following year, leaving one son, Richard, his successor.