Larne Gun-Running...continued

Report from The Belfast Evening Telegraph, April 25th, 1914

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The Carrickfergus Company of the Ulster Volunteer Force was mobilised last evening in a very short space of time. No news of the operations that were afoot could be gleaned.

The men assembled at Joymount Court, and during the night patrols paraded the shore and country roads leading from Belfast to Larne.

Up till four o’clock this morning the men kept guard, and the motor traffic was of extraordinary dimensions.

The usual night police patrol was shadowed by the Volunteer pickets from the time they left the barrack until they returned thereto. Every detail in connection with the mobilisation was carried out with promptitude, precision, and completeness.

How carefully the secret as to the intentions of the Volunteers was guarded was as much a theme of admiration as was the cheerfulness with which the men undertook the duties to which they were detailed. A large proportion of the Volunteers had done a hard day’s work before taking up the Volunteer duty, which involved many hours' strenuous employment.

An accident occurred on one of the inland roads at Milebush, near Carrickfergus, whereby a chauffeur was severely injured. It appears that one car travelling behind another failed to “pick up” the rear light of the motor in advance, and collided with same. The impact caused the chauffeur of the second motor to be thrown forward, and it is stated that his breast bone was injured.

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