Trummery Round Tower, County Antrim

From the Illustrated Dublin Journal, Volume 1, Number 34, April 26, 1862

SOME very interesting monuments of antiquity, situated at Trummery, county Antrim, are represented above. The west gable of the church a few years since was almost entire; in it was the only window the edifice possessed, having a high pointed arch. The door was near the centre of the south side, as a broken choked up archway clearly demonstrates. A few feet of the east gable only remain. Behind the gable, at its junction with the corner of the church, rose the tower, a cylinder of graceful proportions, about sixty feet high, crowned with a cupola. There were two great entrances into the tower--the first, a low, narrow, strong archway of red freestone, opening on the south, through which was the entrance to the church; at the east gable a door led into the tower. The second entrance or doorway was directly over the archway.

In the adjoining townland, at a short distance, was the Fort of Inislochlin, which commanded the oft disputed pass of Kilwarlin; it is said this fort was garrisoned by an army in 1641. Tradition says, those troops, bringing some field pieces to an adjoining eminence, beat down the church; from the situation of the tower there was no possibility of escape, consequently a great breach was made in the side next the church, but only in the outer half of the tower wall. Nature, as if willing to hide the breach from the eye of the curious visitant, bestowed on it a luxuriant covering of ivy, which gave it a truly romantic appearance. Upwards of thirty years since some person wantonly destroyed the roots of this "ascetic" plant, as a modern poet has styled it, and this once venerable monument of antiquity became a mass of ruins.

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