Ulster Towns Directory 1910: Shercock, County Cavan

From The Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

Eight miles from Carrickmacross. Parish and Village.
Railway Station and Post Office, with Money Order and Telegraph Departments.
Market day, Wednesday.
Fairs, second Wednesday of each month.
Population, 273

--James Wright, Postmaster.
Letters arrive from Dublin, Belfast, and England at 8-15 every morning, and are despatched every evening at 5-15 p.m
Telegraph Office--8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Magistrates who preside at Petty Sessions--William Sullivan, R.M.; G. J. Bourke, M.D., Coroner for East Cavan; S. A. Adams, James O'Connor, P. Calaghan, C. J. S. Adams, P. O'Reilly, John O'Reilly, Corlatylennon; and Patrick M'Quaid, Lisdonnan, Mandabawn; M. J. Levey, J.P., Corclare house, Shercock
Clerk of Petty Sessions--Alex. Brookes

Church of Ireland--Rev. T. W. Wills, B.A
Roman Catholic Church--Rev. Terence Brady, C.C.

National Schools--No. 1, John Traynor;
No. 2, Miss Ledger Dispensary--Dr. G. J. Bourke, medical officer
Royal Irish Constabulary--Sergeant Huddy; Constables M'Cann, Gordon, and Patterson

Adams, C. J. S., Shinan house
Bourke, G. J., M.D., coroner
Brennan, M., boot and leather warehouse
Cassidy, James, cattle dealer
Cassidy, P., boot and shoe warehouse and publican
Clarke, Miss K., dressmaker
Clisdell, John W.
Cole, I. I., carpenter
Cox, Miss M., draper
Coyle, Owen, publican
Craig, Rev. John, B.A., Glassleck Manse
Crossan, Miss Susan, dressmaker
Dermott, Alice
Duggan, R., hardware merchant
Fidgeon, F., carpenter
Finnigan, M., tailor
Halpin, Miss A., grocer
Keelan, James, victualler
Langan, Miss L., dressmaker
Leavy, L., spiritgrocer
Lennon, Miss, dressmaker
Lynch, M., restaurant
MacCamas, S., grocer
MacElroy, E., grocer
MacMahon, M., grocer
Manning, Miss J., dressmaker
Marron, Thomas, farmer, grocer, timber, spirit, and hardware merchant, Corbeagh
Monaghan, James, grocer
Mullen, Miss A., grocer
Murphy, A., manual instructor
M'Collum, Joseph, farmer
M'Cullagh, William, farmer and mill owner, Glassleck
M'Dermott, Francis, shoemaker
M'Entee, F., hardware merchant
M'Entee, Francis, hardware and grocery
M'Entee, P., grocer and spirit dealer
M'Gahey, S., coachbuilder
M'Gee, M., cardriver
M'Gruddy, James
M'Guire, James, blacksmith
M'Kenna, O. E., auctioneer and hotel keeper
M'Phillips, Thomas, carpenter
Nelson, James, grocer
Nelson, Joseph, carpenter
Norris, John, process server
Nulty Bros., grocers
O'Connor, Mary A., delph warehouse
O'Neill, Hugh, bootmaker
O'Reilly Bros., publicans
O'Reilly, Patrick, J.P., P.L.G., chairman R.D.C., farmer, Croaklusty
O'Reilly, T., draper
Parker, W., grocer, timber, and hardware merchant and auctioneer
Pettigrew, Patrick, publican
Pratt, Lizzie, laundress
Sankey, Mrs.
Sloan, Isaac, grocer and spirit dealer
Sloan, Thomas, draper
Sloane, M., grocer and spirit dealer
Smith, John, blacksmith
Smith, S., tinsmith
Traynor, F. W., grocer and publican
Traynor, J., draper
Traynor, Thomas, farmer
Wright, James, carpenter
Wright, J., draper and milliner, and temperance hotel
Yorke, Robert, fowl dealer

Argue, John, Tullabrick
Clarke, James, Milltown
Coyle, Owen, Leeks
Cumming, J. W., Kilmacaran
Daly, Owen, Leeks
Daly, Patrick, Corbeagh
Daniel, Edward, Corravilla
Dermott, John, Darkley
Eakins, Thomas R., Northlands
Eakins, William, Derry
Finlay, Peter, cattle dealer, Killmacaran
Fox, Thomas, Killcrossduff
Gray, Robert W., Derry
Griffith, D., Knappa house, Shercock
Harpur, Thomas, Drumhilla
Johnston, George, Derry
Johnston, James, Lisnadarra
Leavy, Patrick, Crolia
Lee, Charles, Darkley
Lee, James, contractor, Darkley
Lindsay, Thomas R., Killcrossbeg
Lynch, P. J., saddler, Shercock
Marron, Frank, publican, Corbeagh
Molloy, Patrick, Corrocharra N.S.
Murray, James, Drumhilla
Myles, Thomas, Darkley
M'Camas, William, Carrickacreeny
M'Dermott, Mrs., Leeks
M'Dermott, Patrick, Annaherin
M'Elroy, Edward, Corgreagh
M'Enaney, Peter, Corgreagh
M'Entee, Patrick, publican
M'Guinnes, Thomas, Lisnadarra
M'Loughlin, William, Kilmacran
M'Phillips, Thomas, jun., carpenter
Nulty, James, Annafarney
O'Connor, James, Glassleck
O'Connor, John, publican, Glassleck
O'Reilly, Patrick, Glassleck
Reburn, James, Lisnadarra
Reilly, Michael, Darkly mills
Reilly, Michael, Mullabrack
Smith, Thomas, Tullabrick
Traynor, F. W., Island house
Traynor, J., Dromod
Wallace, Ben, Carrickacreeny
Yorke, Joseph, fowl dealer, Milltown