Ulster Towns Directory 1910: Scarva, County Down

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

Thirty-three miles from Belfast.
Village; has a Railway Station and Post Office, with Money Order and Telegraph Departments.
Market Day, Thursday.
Population, 157

--M. A. Taylor, Postmistress.
Letters arrive 2-15 a.m., 8-5 a.m., and 5-50 p.m.; and are despatched 7-20 a.m., 5-20 p.m., and 10-50 p.m.
National School--Joseph Barrett, principal; Miss E. Bailie and Miss C. Bailie, assistants

Church of Ireland--Rev. P. A. Kelly, B.A., T.C.D.
Sunday Services--11-30 a.m. and 5 p.m.
Sunday School--10-30 a.m. and 4 p.m.
Presbyterian Church--Rev. D. J. Gordon, B.A.
Sabbath Day Service--2-0 p.m.
Sabbath School--1-0 p.m.
Methodist Church--Mission Hall--Rev. Robt. Gordon.
Services every Sunday at 6 p.m.

Adamson, Mrs. C., grocer, Crown house
Allen, Thomas, bicycle repairer
Anderson, Thomas, farmer, Terryhoogan house
Bailie, Hugh, ex-constable
Barr, Hugh, ex-sergeant R.I.C.
Bartley, James, gardener
Beck, Robert, labourer
Bell, William, cattle dealer
Bennett, George I., Prospect villa
Bennett, Joseph, sausage manufacturer
Bingham, George, farmer
Bingham, Henry, farmer and horse dealer
Bingham, William, farmer
Boles, Andrew, sergt. R.I.C.
Boyce, Wm., mechanic
Bradley, George, carpenter and mason
Bradley, Mrs. Elizabeth, farmer
Brown, Robert, caretaker
Chambers Bros., farmers and flaxmill owners
Chambers, Samuel, farmer
Clarke, Andrew, farmer and cattle dealer
Clarke, William, carpenter and mason
Cochrane, Alexander, carpenter
Cole, Andrew, farmer
Cole, David, farmer
Convery, James, labourer
Convery, Patrick, farmer
Cousins, Thomas Henry, farmer
Crothers, Isaac, farmer
Crothers, Samuel, weaver
Crozier, Thomas, farmer
English and Scottish Law Life Office--A. M'Elvaine, agent, Union lodge
Fleck, John, ex-head-constable R.I.C.
Freeburn, Wm., painter
Gavan, Michael, signalman
Gillespie, William, farmer
Gracey Bros., egg merchants and farmers, Druminargle house
Graham, John, sen., farmer
Graham, John, jun., farmer and postman
Greenaway, Thomas, weaver
Greenfield, Thomas, navvy
Glennon, John, navvy
Gresham Life Assurance Society--M. I. Barrett, N.S.T., agent
Hamilton, James, weaver
Hanna, Jacob, boot and shoemaker
Hanna, The Misses, haberdashers
Hawthorne, John, labourer
Hawthorne, Mrs. Robert, farmer
Heak, Edward, signalman
Holland, Robert, grocer and machine agent
Hunter, George, labourer
Hunter, Isaac, lock keeper
Johnston, John A., carpenter
Jones, Dawson, farmer
Jones, John, grocer
Jones, Mrs. Hugh, coal merchant
Jones, Robert, sen., weaver
Jones, Robert, jun., farmer
Kennedy, Michael, R.I.C.
Maguire, P. J., wine and spirit merchant
Martin, James, farmer
Martin, James M., mason and contractor
Mathers, John, farmer, Mullaglass
Mathers, John, farmer, Edenderry
Mehaffey, David, farmer
Minnis, Alexander, farmer, Edenderry
Minis, Samuel, carpenter and postman
Minniss, Samuel, navvy
Minniss, Thomas, farmer
Minniss, William, labourer; sexton Presbyterian Church
Moffatt, Francis, farmer
Moffatt, John, farmer
M'Aleece, Daniel, farmer
M'Ateer, Daniel, surfaceman
M'Ateer, Matthew, navvy
M'Brien, John, railway inspector
M'Burney, John, farmer
M'Clory, James, schoolmaster
M'Cloy, Hugh, mason's helper
M'Combe, Joseph, carpenter
M'Conville, John, cattle dealer
M'Conville, Patrick, cattle dealer
M'Cullagh, Alex., railway ganger
M'Cullough, George A., grocer and coal merchant
M'Dowell, Joseph, weaver
M'Kee, Joseph, farmer
M'Kee, Samuel, carpenter
M'Murray, John, posting establishment
M'Murray, Moses, rural postman
M'Parland, Andrew, blacksmith
M'Veigh, Mrs. Bessie, farmer
Napier, Henry, sexton Church of Ireland
Napier, Wm. John, photographic artist
O'Brien, John, pensioner
Patton, John, grocer
Patton, Robert, farmer
Phoenix Fire and Life Office--A. M'Elvaine, agent, Union lodge
Quinn, John, weaver
Ruddock, Alexander, farmer
Ruddock, John, farmer
Purdy, Margaret, weaver
Rice, Thomas, farmer
Robinson, Mrs. John, farmer
Shanks, Samuel, school attendance officer
Shanks, S., linen manufacturer, table linens, diapers, and sheetings
Steritt, Samuel, mason and thatcher
Taylor, Mrs. M. A., temperance hotel, grocery and hardware, postmistress, news and shipping agent
Teggart, John, R.D.C., farmer
Teggart, Samuel, farmer and contractor
Teggart, William, farmer, Lisnagave house
Thompson, John, mason's helper
Thomson, Henry, D.L., J.P., Scarva house
Toal, James, farmer
Tuft, Joseph, farmer
Tully, Moses, farmer
Warwick, James A., farmer, Lakeview
White, Atkinson, farmer
Whitten, Charles, farmer
Whitten, James, farmer, Shaneglish
Williams, Henry, retired merchant
Woods, James, farmer
Woods, Samuel, grocer