Ulster Towns Directory 1910: Saintfield, County Down

From The Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

Fifteen and one-quarter miles from Belfast. Market Town and Parish.
Has Railway Station and Post Office, with Money Order and Telegraph Departments.
Market Day, Monday.
Fairs, last Wednesday of each month.
Parish Population, 3,073.
Town Population, 554

POST OFFICE, Main Street
--Francis Minnis, Postmaster.
Letters arrive daily from Belfast and North of Ireland at 7-0 a.m., Scotland and Belfast at 8-30 a.m., England at 10-15 a.m., Belfast and Provincial, 5-30 p.m. Despatches--Belfast, 10-10 a.m.; Belfast, 3-10 p.m.; England, 3-10 p.m.; Belfast, 7-10 p.m. Sunday morning, 10. Sunday--One despatch to Belfast, 7-10 p.m.
Royal Irish Constabulary Barrack in charge of Sergeant M'Manus, and Constables Burke, Patrick M'Ouade, Preston, and Bell
Bank--Branch of the Belfast Banking Company, Limited--William Martin, bank manager; Wm. Maxwell, pro. manager; Carlisle, accountant

Church of Ireland, Main street--Rev. C. H. Waddell, vicar First Presbyterian Church, Main street--Rev. S. Dickson Second Presbyterian Church, Ballynahinch road--Rev. William Dickie Roman Catholic Church, Main street--Rev. Father Shields

Adams, David, National school teacher
Anderson, David, farmer, Ballyaugherty
Anderson, George, farmer
Anderson, James, farmer, Carsontown
Anderson, Joseph, carpenter, Ballyaugherty
Anderson, Matthew, Lisdoonan
Anderson, The Misses, Fairview
Anderson, William, Woodside
Arbuckle, Miss Bella, N.S. teacher
Auld, Robert, labourer
Bailie, W. M., grocer
Bailie, William, farmer, Ballymacramery
Batten, Alex., grocer
Beattie, D., farmer, Tonaghmore
Beattie, Mrs., Tonaghmore
Beattie, Samuel, farmer, Drumnaconnell
Beattie, William H., Cahard
Bennett, Abraham, farmer, Ballyaugherty
Bennett, Andrew, farmer, Maysford
Bennett, Francis, farmer, Lessans
Bennett, William, farmer, Lessans
Blackwood, Miss, N.S. teacher
Boucher, Samuel, farmer, Ballynockan
Boyle, Henry, carowner
Boyles, Henry, carman
Brown, David, Carricknaveigh
Brown, Robert, Killeny
Burton, Joseph, blacksmith
Cardwell, John, Deen's place
Cardwell, Samuel, Tonaghmore
Carlisle, H. H., M.R.C.V.S., Downpatrick street
Carlisle, Miss, dressmaker
Carson, W. J., retired farmer
Clarke, Mrs., dressmaker
Coffey, Hugh, Mill view
Collins, S., carter
Collins, William, farmer, Ballycloughan
Coulter, Samuel, Carricknaveigh
Craig, Mrs., Main street
Craig, William James, farmer, Carsontown
Creen, Henry, painter
Crosby, Henry and James, farmers, Aughnaderragh
Crosbey, Mrs., farmer, Carsontown
Currough & Co., millowners
Dales, Mrs. William, Fairview cottage
Davidson, W. J., boot and shoe warehouse
Davison, John, Jennyvale
Davison, Samuel, marine store
Davison, Samuel, Lessans
Dobbin, Rev. Alex., Boardmills
Dodds, William, farmer, Carricknacessan
Donnan, Hugh, Cahard
Donnan, Thomas, farmer, Cahard
Dunlop, Hugh, National School teacher
Dunn, J., Boardmills
Edgar, Joseph J., Carricknaveigh
Ferguson, Samuel and William, farmers, Tonaghmore
Garrett, Mrs., farmer, Ballynockan
Garrett, W. J., farmer, Ballynockan
Gill, John, J.P., Lisbane
Gill, John, Killeny
Gillespie, Robert, Carricknaveigh
Girvin, Robert, carpenter
Gordon, Miss Annie, The Terrace
Gordon, The Misses, Fair view
Grant, James, plasterer
Hamilton, F., grocer
Hamilton, Robert, saddler, Main street
Hamilton, William, farmer
Hanniford, James
Harper, Mrs., bonnetmaker
Harris, Robert and Hugh, farmers, Aughley
Hayes, Jane, refreshment rooms
Hegan, Mrs., Temple, Carricknaveigh
Hewitt, John, grocer and corn dealer
Hewitt, William, refreshment rooms
Hynds, George, merchant tailor
Hynds, William, The lodge, Lisdalgin
Ireland, James, farmer, Lessans
Ireland, William, farmer, Leggygowan
Johnston, James, Leggygowan
Johnston, John, farmer, Leggygowan
Johnston, Samuel, farmer, Leggygowan
Jordan, James, farmer, Lisdalgin
Jordan, Samuel, shoemaker
Kelly, James, quarryman
Kennedy, Mrs., lodging house
Kerr, John
Kinghan, Alfred, tailor
Kinghan, Samuel H., National teacher, Tullywest
Kirk, Francis, grocer
Kirkpatrick, David, Boardmills
Kirkpatrick, John, Drumnaconnell
Lily, George, grocer
Lindsay, Miss
Lowry, Miss
Lowry, William, carpenter
Lynd, J.
Lyons, Joseph, butcher
Lyttle, James, Carricknaveigh
Mageean, James, farmer, Leggygowan
Malcolm, John, Drumalig
Marshall, James, woollendraper
Marshall, John, farmer, Drumnaconnell
Martin, Robert, Lisbane
Massey, James W., farmer, Carricknacessan
Mason, William, weighmaster
Mason, W., Gate lodge, Saintfield Demesne
Matchett, R. J., No. 1 National school teacher
Maxwell, John, farmer, Lessans
Maxwell, T. B., merchant tailor, Main street
Minnis Brothers, grocers and hardware merchants, Main street
Minnis, J. W., Ballynockan
Model Farm
Monaghan, T., No. 2 National school teacher
Moody, Andrew Todd, Woollendraper
Moody, Rev. J., Boardrnills
Moody, Robert, woollendraper
Moore, Armytage H., Rowallen
Moore, Samuel, farmer, Lisdalgin
Moore, Thomas, spirit dealer
Morrison, Wm., farmer
Morrow, J. Rae, Lisbane
Morrow, Robert, Lisbane
Morrow, Thomas B., Tullywest
Murdock, Arthur, farmer, Ballyaugherty
Murray, Daniel, spirit dealer
Murray, Thomas, cattle dealer
M'Brier, James A., farmer, Carsontown
M'Burney, W. M., millowner
M'Candless, Rev. J. L., Boardmills
M'Carthy, Mrs., dressmaker
M'Cartney, William, farmer, Leggygowan
M'Caughtry, Andrew, farmer, Aughley
M'Clenaghan, William, carpenter
M'Connell, William, jun., carrier
M'Creary, Robert, Millhill
M'Cullough, Mrs., Carricknacessan
M'Cullough, William, Lisdoonan
M'Ewen, James, farmer
M'Ilwain, Miss, Drumnaconnell
M'Ilwaine, James, grocer and provision dealer; agent for Richardson Manures
M'Kee, David, family grocer, provision dealer, and seed merchant, Main street
M'Kee, James, farmer, Aughley
M'Kibbin, James, labourer
M'Kibbin, James, jun., labourer
M'Minn, Richard, farmer, Ravarra
M'Robert, James, Price's Arms Hotel, Main street
M'Robert, John, blacksmith
M'Roberts, Andrew, Leggygowan
M'Veigh, Martin, tailor
Neill, James, shoemaker
Nelson, Joseph, shoemaker
Newell, John, cattle dealer
Newell, R., carowner, grocery, provisions and refreshments, Main street
O'Neill, Mrs.
O'Neill, Mrs., farmer
Orr, David, Carsontown Mill farm
Orr, David, farmer, Ballycloughan
Orr, John, Saintfield cottage
Orr, William, Leggygowan
Patterson, Alfred, farmer, Fortview house, Tonaghmore
Patterson, James, farmer, Tonaghmore
Paterson, John, farmer, School hill, Tonaghmore
Patterson, Robert, Drumalig
Patterson, William H., farmer, Tonaghmore
Peak, James, spirit dealer
Perry, Martin, woollendraper, Main street
Perry, Martin, draper
Pollock, John, postman
Prentice, James, Carricknaveigh
Prentice, William, Carricknaveigh
Price, Major M. Blackwood, J.P., Saintfield house
Rea, David, Carson Dam house
Rea, Hugh, petty sessions clerk
Rea, James, Lisdalgin
Rea, James, Lisbane
Rea, Miss, Saintfield
Rea, Mrs. J.
Rea, William, farmer, Lessans
Reid, Alex., farmer, Ballynockan
Reid, Mrs., Tonaghmore
Ritchie, Mrs., refreshment rooms
Robinson, Mrs., farmer, Ballynockan
Roy, W. J., engineer, mechanic, &c., Main street
Russell, John, Drumnaconnell
Scott, F. H., M.D., dispensary doctor
Scott, James, grocer
Scott, James, farmer, Lisdalgin
Scott, John, farmer
Scott, Samuel, farmer, Creevy
Scott, Wm., Belfast Bar, Main street
Shanks, Mrs., farmer
Shaw, J., farmer, Carricknacessan
Shaw, William J., farmer, Carricknacessan
Shepherd, John, farmer, Glassdrummond
Sheppherd, Henry, farmer, Ballycloughan
Sheppherd, John, jun., Glassdrummond
Simpson, David, farmer, Ravarra
Simpson, William, farmer, Ballycloughan
Skelly, Alexander M., tailor
Skelly, Hugh, boot, shoe, and general drapery merchant, The Corner house
Sloane, John S., labourer, Comber street
Stranahan, Robert, leather merchant, boot shop, and newsagent
Smyth, James, blacksmith
Smyth, J. F., Carsontown
Thompson, James, Lisowen cottage
Thompson, William, Millowner, Boardmills
Williamson, W. J.
Withers, R., civil bill officer
Wright, John, shoemaker
Yeates, James & Thomas, farmers, Augley
Yeates, Mrs., grocer and boarding-house
Young, Robert, carpenter