Ulster Towns Directory 1910: Rostrevor, County Down

From The Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

Two and a half miles from Warrenpoint. Fifty-two and a half miles from Belfast.
Charming Watering-place and Seaport; delightfully situated at the foot of Mourne Mountains.
Has Post Office, with Money Order and Telegraph Departments.
Population, 806

--Miss Whittaker, postmistress

Armstrong, Miss, chemist, Mary street
Bannister, J., Ballymoney
Beck, William, Gate lodge
Bell, Dr., The Hydro, Knockbaragh
Bell, Wm., Woodside Bar, The Quay
Beggs, Mrs., Church street
Brady, Patrick, publican, Bridge street
Brady, William, Studley house
Browne, Miss, laundress, Church street
Bushell, Mrs., Church street
Butler, P., Bridge street
Canning, The Hon. A. T. G., The lodge
Caufield, Charles, Ballymoney
Caufield, M., Water street
Cole, Edward, publican and coal merchant, Bridge street
Cole, J., grocer, Bridge street
Cole, M., barber, Church street
Cole, P., carpenter, Water street
Connelly, J., bootmaker, Church street
Copeland, F., The Quay
Coulter, Philip, Synite place
Couser, Mrs., laundress, Water street
Crawford, Edward, hardware, Bridge street
Crawford, P., publican and grocer, Bridge street
Crawley, J., Forrest Brook Mill
Culls, Messrs., Killowen terrace
Cunningham, E., Water street
Cunningham, James, Water street
Cunningham, James, Roxburgh terrace
Cunningham, John, Brick row
Cunningham, Mrs., Killowen point
Curran, J., bellhanger, Church street
Dogherty, C., Church street
Donnelly, P., Rose cottage, Bridge street
Doran, John, grocer, Greenpark road
Doran, John, Water street
Doran, J., barber, Church street
Douglas, Miss, Bellview house, Killowen
Douglas, Miss, Woodside cottage
Dowd, J.. gardener, Water street
Drury, Rev. T. W. E., Vicarage, Church street
Dunn, B., draper, Bridge street
Dunn, B., Woodside cottage
Dunn, Daniel, farmer
Dunn, Henry, Kilbroney Bleach Green
Emerson, Miss, Southview
Farin, M., Killowen terrace
Farrell, Mrs., grocer, Church street
Farrell, J., Water street
Farrell, Peter, Woodhouse
Fearon, George, Brick row
Fearon, J. A., publican and grocer, Church street
Fearon, Miss, Bridge street
Fearon, Peter, Killowen
Fegan, Miss, dressmaker, Greenpark road
Fegan, Peter, Synite place
Feilly, J., Church street
Flood, Peter, Killowen point
Godfrey, Miss, Killowen point
Goodwin, Mrs., posting establishment, Church street
Graham, H., Little Rock
Grant, James, Water street
Grant, Mrs., West view
Grills, Thomas, Ballamoney
Gwynne, Mrs., Innisfail
Gwynne, Mrs., lodgings, Bridge street
Hanley, Mrs., St. Bronagh
Hanley, J., Water street
Harnan, Mrs., Synite place
Harrison, Rev. Lyle, Presbyterian minister
Hay, Lady, Roland terrace
Hill, S., Oak cottage
Hillis, Miss, dressmaker, Church street
Houston, F., Beech cottage, Killowen point
Houston, Mrs., May cottage
Hughes, A., publican, Bridge street
Hughes, J., Roland terrace
Innis, Miss, The Anchorage
Irvine, James, grocer, Bridge street
Kane, B., Riverside cottage
Kay, William, grocer, Bridge street
Kearney, James, Water street
Keenan, F., publican, Bridge street
Keenan, H., Water street
King, J., bootmaker, Water street
Kyle, William, Synite place
Lavery, Robert, Synite place
Leslie, C. E. T., J.P., Killowen
Levens, Mrs., Church street
Lightbody, Miss, Sea Bright
Lightbody, N. L., builder, Church street
Lindon, William, Synite place
Little, Mrs., Weir villa
Lyons, William, builder, Bridge street
Mahood, Mrs., Glenview terrace
Mahood, S., painter, The Square
Malcolm, Miss, draper, Bridge street
Mallon, Rev. D., P.P., Parochial house
Mallon, R., baker, Mary street
Marshall, J., Water street
Marshall, Mrs., Bridge street
Martin, R. & D., Kilbroney Bleach Green
Martin, William, Water street
Milligan, Mrs., The Willows
Moffett, Hugh, Daisy Hill house, Killowen
Morgan, G. B., manager, The Great Northern Hotel
Morgan, Hugh, Killowen
Morgan, Miss, dressmaker, Church street
Morgan, Rev. T., The Manse
Morrow, H., lodgings, Bridge street
Morton, Mrs., laundress, Ballymoney
Murphy, P., grocer, Bridge street
Murrey, Mrs., Lissan-na-Arron
M'Aleavey, Mrs., Greenpark road, Killowen
M'Anulty, P., Fairview
M'Anulty, William, carowner, Ballymoney
M'Avoy, P., Water street
M'Bride, Mrs., Avoca terrace
M'Cartan, Dr. M. J., Victoria square
M'Cartan, James, carpenter, Water street
M'Cartan, J., Water street
M'Cartney, John, grocer, Synite place
M'Clelland, Mrs., Greenpark road, Rostrevor
M'Comish, B., Brick row
M'Comish, S., Water street
M'Cormick, T., Water street
M'Cullough, Mrs., publican and grocer, Church street
M'Ginn, Rev. W., C.C., Parochial house, Church street
M'Givern, B., grocer, Church street
M'Govern, Sergeant, R.I.C.
M'Guffin, Thomas, shoemaker, Bridge st
M'Kinley, Thomas, Roxburgh terrace
M'Nally, J., Killowen point
M'Nally, M., blacksmith, Mary street
M'Neice, M., Water street
M'Neilly, Miss, stationery, Mary street
M'Neilly, Mrs., Roxborough place
M'Quade, J., butcher, Bridge street
Neil, William, The Quay
Nugent, Major, Ballyedmond Castle
O'Neil, Captain, J.P., Killowen point
Orme, Mrs., Ranfurly
Oswald, Mrs., Cosey lodge
Owens, Richard, Mary street
Purdy, J., schoolmaster, Church street
Quinn, James, Killowen point
Radford, Captain, The Craig
Rea, Francis, mason, Greenpark gate lodge, Killowen
Reilly, B., Synite row
Reilly, Patrick, Church street
Rolston, Mr., Hazelmere
Ross, Col. E., Fairyhill
Ross, Sir J. (of Bladenburg), Rostrevor house
Savage, James, Post Office, Killowen
Simpson, A., Water street
Sinton, D. C., grocer, Bridge street
Sinton, D. C., Victoria terrace
Sloan, H., posting establishment, Church st.
Sloane, P., carpenter, Water street
Smyth, James, draper, Bridge street
Smyth, J., Water street
Synott, The Misses, T-Ghann
Taylor, Mrs., Victoria square
Thompson, Edward, The Woodhouse
Tinnelly, P. J., grocer, Church street
Treanor, Joseph, Brick row
Trusdale, S., Gate lodge, Woodhouse
Vandeleur, Miss, Old Hall
Wade, Mrs., Bona-Vista
Wallace, David, Synite place
Watson, William J., Bunvenue, Church street
Weir, Mrs., laundress, Bridge street
Weir, Mrs., Roslea house
Whitaker, Edward, Glenview terrace
Whittaker, Miss, postmistress, Mary street
White, Miss, butcher, Church street
White, Mrs., Church street
Woods, Miss, Ballymoney
Woods, P., bootmaker, Church street
Woods, S., Bridge street
Young, John, Synite place